JOY Mission

Joy by Patti Bruce: Art Fashion that Brings Joy

“Art washes away from the soul the everyday of life” —Picasso 

We’re not selling yoga pants, yoga mats, phone cases, beach towels or bags. We’re selling inspiration and motivation for humans to be reminded to be in touch with their true selves, that we are more than the “rat race” and “treadmill”, greater than our fears and anxieties; that we are lonely, fatigued, lack luster, or uninspired. We all have human struggles and needs.

We are our best selves when we know and are expressing the glory of our inner being with the knowledge and experiences we have in this place called earth, and the work is in maintaining that connection because we are all so attached to our physical reality that defines us. 

When you are connecting, your life is fuller; you are actively choosing to create your reality. 

How do we stay in this place?
How to not get sucked in?
I am important, I am valued.

Art is a major stress buster! It lowers levels of cortisol (stress hormone), lowers blood pressure, improves problem solving, and encourages creative thinking. Art enhances brain function and well-being by increasing serotonin levels, which stimulates creativity and emotional well being, creates new neuro pathways and stimulates a state of bliss and inspiration. 

After eight weeks of mindful meditation the Amygdala function (fear and emotion) of your brain shrinks.

Inspiration brings J🌸Y.
How to remember to be inspired, to always take the time to?
Stop and smell the flowers...
Is it growing a garden in the palm of your hand (phone case)?
Is it creating a happy space that takes you to that happy place (piece of art)?
Is it that work of art yoga mat that reminds you to stop! Take a minute...?

The bottom line is—your life is more joyful!
That sounds pretty awesome to me.
Happy, light, free, unburdened, patient, calm, grateful.

The more we think about it and remind ourselves, the more it becomes a lifestyle. And when we are living our best selves, we empower others to be their best selves too. 

We, J🌸Y, want to be part of your daily ritual and to help remind you to take time for “you”.

Let’s remind everyone to connect.

Art is healing. 💗 

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